Monday, May 24, 2010

New Laptop: Apple MBP 6,2 (15'' i7)

Okay - up to now, this blog is rather focused on notebooks... and not much is going on either. My last (and first) post has been about a year ago. Well - I've been busy.
Currently, I am writing this on my new Apple MBP i7 (of course on Linux ;) ) - a much better portable computer than my previous Sony Vaio, as it seems. One issue I had with my Sony has been its thin display which was very flexible too. For some reason - unlike other laptop owners right from the day those books became usable - I didn't know (and was not informed by Sony) about the possibility to scratch the keyboard or the hand palm rest plate into the screen. You just can't handle the early Z-models carefully enough to not scratch the screen without a piece of cloth between keyboard and screen during transportation. So, (for me) very suddenly a nasty and deep horizontal scratch plus keyboard buttons were permanently engraved on the screen. Sony offered replacement for about 1000 $ : They claim it's my fault and I should have known about it. I've been told they build their books slightly differently now and include a warning sticker and a screen protection cloth... so much for not admitting an issue, but even though they fixed this somewhat: what about any new flaws ? What if something similar happens with the new books and I am left out in the rain again? I think they are just too expensive to take this risk again and decided to go for a different vendor... after three generations of Sony Vaios.

About the Apple MBP: It's not so much about the processing power - I just think the design focuses on three points that are most important to me: sturdiness, practicability and quality. It doesn't look bad either and yea, you pay a lot for the Apple trademark - still currently I'm convinced it's worth it. Finally we come to the point where this article is at least slightly relevant to the blog's theme: This model also has an EFI bios and also needs a bit of a push to work well on different (Linux) operating systems than Mac OSX or Windows.
Currently, I am with Ubuntu - and we already made a lot of progress there.. so if you want to check it out - look here.


  1. Hi. I have a Acer Aspire One and would like to get an efi shell from its insydeh2o. as its not a 64bit machine i assume that the directory and file names would have to be different. guessing so far didn't help me. But I could definately see differences in the way the led access light blinks when an efi directory is present. Please drop me a mail. quitte at gmail dot com

  2. The Apple MBP is the laptop i use today and it is a very useful tool. I did not have any problems with it.

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